Meet the Company

The history of our company stretches right back to the closing years of the nineteenth century. It all began in 1893, when a Swiss joiner and cabinetmaker named Samuel Krummen set up shop in the Emmental-region village of Oberburg. Ownership of what had by the 1920s become a furniture company named Möbelfabrik Oberburg AG then passed to E. Jutzler senior, who renamed the firm accordingly. 

Ever since 1980, JUTZLER AG has concentrated on the development and production of modular wardrobes, and has achieved a market-leading position in this sector. The company’s production facilities have grown in parallel with increasing demand, and now occupy floorspace amounting to over 430,000 square feet (40,000 m²).

A workforce of more than a hundred employees is dedicated to the day-to-day provision of top quality, short delivery times and innovative product ranges. Our strong sense of corporate heritage is based on traditional Swiss virtues and values, with high-quality products developed and manufactured in Switzerland for a demanding world market. Our production facility in Emmental makes us one of the world’s leading wardrobe specialists, and it is on this basis that JUTZLER AG strives for consistent performance in all areas.