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Form & Function

Wardrobes are more than just storage space. A good wardrobe stands out by virtue of its convincing design, as well as its advanced functionality. Practical and beautiful at the same time. Plus: a really good wardrobe comes with useful features designed to make your life easier, less stressful and more pleasant.

It is on this basis that we develop the innovations that make our wardrobe systems even better. Whether you are looking for smooth-running drawer guides that operate of their own accord or gently damped sliding or hinged doors, all these functions are designed to ensure the smooth, silent working of your wardrobe.

Quality by JUTZLER: Utmost care to the very last detail

Continuous quality control and the use of our quality management provide us and you with the necessary security from selection of raw materials through to delivery of the finished furniture parts

Made of coated furniture chipboards, which comply with the statutory requirements. Processing is done using the latest CNC-controlled production equipment. This production method gives JUTZLER wardrobes their high quality.  

We offer a 5 year warranty on our wardrobe systems (normal use).

A few of the many good reasons why you can rely on JUTZLER quality!

These are the details that determine the quality of a wardrobe and which help to explain why we pay so much attention to the design and trouble-free functioning of our hinges, fixing elements and other items likely to be subject to tough, long-term wear. 

Metal hinges on all hinged doors 

Metal angle brackets on the retracting shelves 16 mm thick

Bolted metal brackets for the retracting shelves 22 mm thick

Metallic clothes rails and brackets

Metal brackets for the rear wall

The pull-out elements are with ball pull-out

Safety glass is used for all glass elements

The GS certification mark is handed out by the TüV organisation. TüV is an independent certification institute for products and production processes. They carry out independent quality and safety tests and are recognised around the world as the mark of outstanding quality.


The illumination systems are tested and certified

Interior lighting LED

This product contains an energy efficiency class light source E

Exterior lighting LED

This product contains an energy efficiency class light source G

Innovation for your comfort

Our high quality range of accessories includes a self-closing mechanism and convenient dampers. Both functions ensure gentle, quiet closing.

Sliding door wardrobes can be fitted with optional dampers. This causes the sliding doors to run smoothly almost to the point of closure, stop there gently and then close independently.

Hinged door wardrobes can also be fitted with an optional door damper. The door damper ensures that the hinged doors slow down gently when closed. The wardrobe doors therefore close quietly and gently. 

Modular design for boundless freedom

We build wardrobe systems that leave our customers with free rein to express their own creativity and individuality. Our systems come with a wide range of colours and structural combinations to give you a massive amount of choice when it comes to design options. So feel free to explore! Our cabinets are also highly flexible when it comes to fulfilling your combination requirements, and as our systems are discreetly pre-drilled in all the right places, you can add accessories to match to your precise needs.

Create your wardrobe in 5 easy steps

Sustainability by JUTZLER: No tropical hardwoods – plenty of solar energy

Sustainable furniture is characterised by the high quality of the materials and workmanship. They are therefore particularly durable and stable. Our furniture is designed and constructed in such a way that it still works perfectly even after repeated assembly and disassembly. Thanks to our modular system, almost every part can be replaced individually => repair/replace instead of disposing of/buying new.

When selecting our products, we attach great importance to quality - this guarantees a longer service life for the furniture. We conserve resources and avoid unnecessary waste. We consider residues and leftovers from primary production as a resource! We continue to use the leftover chippings that accumulate during our furniture production to generate energy and use it to generate heat for our buildings. Another benefit of our modular hinged door wardrobe system is that it can be downsized or expanded. The wardrobe can always be adapted to new living conditions. Well-engineered products ensure long-lasting joy, a longer service life for the furniture and thus a better ecological balance for the environment.

Ecology and economy are not contradictions. Thereverse ist true: the use of the latest and highly efficient technologies reduces energy consumption (energy optimisation in all processes) and thus we also achieve a CO2 reduction. Our environment-friendly policies regarding raw materials are designed to ensure the sustainable use of scarce resources, so we do not on principle make any use of tropical hardwoods, thereby helping to conserve the world’s rainforests. The use of locally sourced timber also shortens transport routes and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. The roof of our production plant is equipped with a powerful array of more than 2800 photoelectric panels with an installed output capacity of 840 kWp (i.e. enough renewable-source energy to power about 160 average family homes).

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