No tropical hardwoods – plenty of solar energy

Sustainable furniture is characterised by the high quality of the materials and workmanship. They are therefore particularly durable and stable. Our furniture is designed and constructed in such a way that it still works perfectly even after repeated assembly and disassembly. Thanks to our modular system, almost every part can be replaced individually => repair/replace instead of disposing of/buying new.

When selecting our products, we attach great importance to quality - this guarantees a longer service life for the furniture. We conserve resources and avoid unnecessary waste. We consider residues and leftovers from primary production as a resource! We continue to use the leftover chippings that accumulate during our furniture production to generate energy and use it to generate heat for our buildings. Another benefit of our modular hinged door wardrobe system is that it can be downsized or expanded. The wardrobe can always be adapted to new living conditions. Well-engineered products ensure long-lasting joy, a longer service life for the furniture and thus a better ecological balance for the environment.

Ecology and economy are not contradictions. Thereverse ist true: the use of the latest and highly efficient technologies reduces energy consumption (energy optimisation in all processes) and thus we also achieve a CO2 reduction. Our environment-friendly policies regarding raw materials are designed to ensure the sustainable use of scarce resources, so we do not on principle make any use of tropical hardwoods, thereby helping to conserve the world’s rainforests. The use of locally sourced timber also shortens transport routes and reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. The roof of our production plant is equipped with a powerful array of more than 2800 photoelectric panels with an installed output capacity of 840 kWp (i.e. enough renewable-source energy to power about 160 average family homes).

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